Ep. 24 Hurricane Harvey

The Murder of Crystal McDowell

Not too long ago in 2017 one hurricane shocked the state of Texas. Leaving fatalities, homelessness, and caused the community to come together in ways they never thought they would have to. As everyone was collecting themselves and focusing on saving lives. One Texan took advantage of this natural disaster but little did he know it’s not so easy to wash away your troubles.

Crystal McDowell
Crystal and her two children Madden (8) and Maui (5)
Crystal and Boyfriend During Her Disappearance, Paul Hargraves.
Crystal and her Ex-Husband Steven McDowell
Last known footage of Crystal on Paul Hargraves Security Footage
Crystals Car Found Flooded at Motel 6
Steven McDowell at Trial For the Murder of Ex-Wife Crystal McDowell






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