Ep. 25 The Conman Killer Pt. 1

Serial Killer Scott Lee Kimball

Today’s story is a twisted web of deception, greed, violence and phycological torture. One man had everyone so charmed that his friends, family and even the FBI refused to believe he could possibly be involved when people around him mysteriously started going missing. But even he was no match for the love fathers have for their daughters.

Jennifer Marcum
LeAnn Emry
Kaysi McLeod
Catrina Powell
Terry Kimball
 Lori McLeod (Kaysi McLeod‘s Mother and Scotts Ex Wife)
Rob McLeod (Kaysi McLeod’s Father)
Bob Marcum (Jennifer Marcum‘s Father)
Howard Emry (LeAnn Emry‘s Father)
Convicted Murderer Scott Lee Kimball


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