Ep. 27 Teenage Love Affair

The Murder of The Caffey Family

As a parent there’s no higher priority than protecting your children from the evil of the world. We often shelter them and do our best to lead them down a better path we have experienced ourselves. What happens when you’re no longer the only adult who has control of your rebellious teenager? Today I want to tell you the story of one daddy’s girl who instantly shattered his world.

The Caffey Family (Mathew, Terry, Tyler, Penny, and Erin )
Erin and Terry
Boyfriend Charlie James Wilkinson and Erin 2008
Erin being found by police on March 2nd 2008
Trailer belonging to Charlies brother Erin was found in
Surviving Caffey Terry in the hospital
Remains of the Caffey Residence
19-year-old Charlie James Wilkinson, 20 year old Charles Allen Wade, 18-year-old Bobbi Gale Johnson and 17 year old Erin Caffey
24 year Old Erin Caffey in 2016
Terri Caffey with his new wife and children


Youtube: Killer Women With Piers Morgan S01E01





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