Ep. 28 Presumed Guilty

The Murder of the Camm Family

We hear most often about police that cross the line to protect one of their own. Today we have a story that is the exact opposite of that. In this case, police focused so narrowly on someone who had once been their brother in arms that even when his innocence was obvious, they just couldn’t see it.

The Camm Family
Kim Camm 35, Jill Camm 5 and Bradley Camm 7
The Camm Residence
Crime Scene Evidence #1
Crime Scene Evidence #2
Crime Scene Evidence #3
Crime Scene Evidence #4
Kims Pants from the Crime Scene
David Camms T-Shirt from the day of the crime
David Camms Shorts with No Blood
Convicted Felon Charles Boney
Convicted Felon Charles Boney


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