Ep. 32 Torture House

The Murder of Sylvia Likens

When you leave your children in the care of someone else, you trust and hope that they will care for them as well as you would. Whether it’s a babysitter for a date night or regular daycare services to cover your time at work, when you drop off your child you are leaving a piece of your heart behind. Today we want to tell you a horrific story of loving parents who trusted the wrong person with the care of their children.

Sylvia Likens
Jenny Likens
John Baniszewski (12), Paula Baniszewski (17), Coy Hubbard (15), Richard Hobbs (15), and Stephanie Baniszewski (15)
Gertrude Baniszewski (36)
Gertrudes Home
Crime Scene Bedroom
The Basement Sylvia was kept
Stomach Carving Given to Sylvia
Sylvias Remains Found by the Police
Defendants and Attorneys
Gertrude After the Trial


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