Ep. 34 Convenient Scapegoats

The Murder of Nina Glover

We talk a lot about murder victims on this Podcast, but some cases have more victims then just the person that was killed. Sometimes who committed the crime is not as clear as it seems. Why would someone confess to something they didn’t do? It sounds crazy right? It actually happens more often than we would like to accept. This is a story of four teenagers framed for a crime, when the real killer was right in front of police all along.

Englewood Four Released


Innocence Project; “Vincent Thames”

The National Registry of Exonerations; “Vincent Thames”

Jack Bouboushian, Courthouse News Services; “60 Years in Prison After Police Coercion, 4 Say”

MacArthur Justice Center; “‘Englewood Four’ Sue Chicago Police, Cook County State’s Attorneys Who Framed Them for Rape and Murder They Didn’t Commit”

Swift Terrill vs Boudreau Kenneth 2012-L-012995

Martha Neil, ABA Journal; “DNA Test Wins New Trial for 4 Jailed as Teens in Murder Case, But Top Chicago Prosecutor Has Doubts”

Robert Wildeboer, WBEZ Chicago; “Members Of ‘Englewood Four’ To Get $24 Million After Wrongful Murder Convictions”

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Fran Spielman, Good Black News; “Englewood Four to Receive $31 Million in Settlement of Chicago Wrongful Conviction Case”

Gregory Pratt, Chicago Tribune; “$24 million settlement in ‘Englewood Four’ case on Cook County agenda”

Megan Hickey, CBS Chicago; “Exoneration Project Files Suit Over Concerns That DNA Evidence Is Not Making It Back To Wrongful Convicts”

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