Ep. 35 Back Stabbers

The Murder of Skylar Neese

High School is supposed to be the time of our lives right? We meet our best friends who we get to experience everything with from jobs, prom, sleepovers, and advice on our crush. As most of us know, high school can also be a place of back stabbing, rumors, and secret haters. Today I want to tell you a story of a 15 year old girl who had so much going for her only to have it all end in one fatal night by the hands of people she would do anything for. 

15 year old Skylar Neese
Shelia Eddy, Rachel Shoaf, and Skylar Neese
CCTV Footage of Skylar last seen getting into an unknown vehicle
Sheila’s Twitter after Skylar’s remains were found
The Arrest of Sheila and Rachel
Sheila and Rachel in Court
Skylar’s Aunt, Father, and Mother at Sheila’s Hearing
Skylar’s Memorial in the place her remains were found







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