Ep. 37 California Witch Killers

TThe Conviction of Michael & Suzan Bear

We are kicking off season 3 with a crazy case about a serial killer couple, who claim they were tasked with killing witches through psychic visions from God. Unlike most serial killers these two had seemingly happy childhoods. Into adulthood they almost lived normal, happy lives until they met each other and everything took a very dark turn.

Micheal & Suzan Bear (Legally known as James Carson and Susan Barnes)
In this 1976 photo provided by Lisa Long, her sister Karen Barnes stands outside her home in Jonesboro, Ga. The married couple dubbed the “San Francisco witch killers” seemed locked away for good when each was sentenced to 75 years to life for three murders, including Barnes 30 years ago. Because California prisons are under court order to ease severe overcrowding, a parole board will consider whether the wife Suzan Carson, 73, is fit for release Wednesday, Dec. 2. Long has traveled to Chino, Calif., to testify against Suzan’s release. “They are unrepentant,” Long said. (Lisa Long via AP)
Victim Jon Hellyar
Victim Clark Stephens
Daughter Jenn Carson of Convicted Killer James Crason
Convicted Killers James Carson and Susan Barnes


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