Ep. 4 Unfinished Business

The Murder of Teresita Basa

If you were murdered and the police were struggling to catch your killer, would you come back as a ghost to help? Is it even possible to solve your own murder from the grave? Some say that is exactly what Teresita Basa did.

Teresita Basa
Teresita Basa Apartment Building
The Chuas
Detective Joe Stachula
Allan Showery Convicted Murderer of Teresita Basa


Teresita Basa (Image)

Teresita Basa Apartment Building

Detective Joe Stachula

Allan Showery

“Did Teresita Basa Solve her own murder?” – by Emily Thompson

Unsolved Mysteries – by Colin Wilson

“Voice from the grave” Evokes a murder trial – By Rob Warden; The Washinton Post

Teresita: The Voice from the Grave – by Margaret Roberts; Chicago Tribune

“Teresita Basa Killed Today in 1977 – Did She Solve Her Own Murder? – By Ray Johnson

“Did Teresita Basa sove her own murder? True Life Ghost Story still Haunts” – By LInze Rice; Roger Park & Edgewater

“Woman found slain in buringing flat” – Chicago Tribune

“Where are Teresita Basa and Allan Showery 39 years after her voice from the grave sent him to prison” – by Ray Johnson

American Urbex

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