Ep. 40 The Predator Next Door

The Predator Next Door: The Disappearance of Jamie Rose Bolin

Cannibalism is a thing of the past right? Sure it’s easy to believe that thousands of years ago humans didn’t find it so wrong to divulge on a certain body part of someone they deemed as godly. In hopes that having a part of them within themselves would somehow pass down that trait onto them. We have grown from all of that right? There’s no way that would cross anyone’s mind in the 21st century. Well today I want to tell you about one man who was determined to turn his cannibalistic fantasies into reality.

Jamie Rose Bolin
Jamie Rose Bolin
Jamie’s Father Curtis Bolin
Purcell Park Apartments
Convicted Murderer Kevin Underwood
The Confession of Jamie Rose Bolins Murder


https://murderpedia.org/male.U/u/underwood-kevin.htm https://murderpedia.org/male.U/u/underwood-kevin.htm







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