Ep. 6 The Freeway Phantom

The Unsolved Murders of 6 Black Girls

In the early 70’s a serial killer was stalking the streets of Washington DC looking for beautiful, young, black girls. Over a span of 17 months six precious young lives were taken and to this day those families are left without answers. 

Carol Denise Spinks, Darlenia Denise Johnson, Brenda Faye Crockett, Nenomoshia Yates, Brenda Denise Woodward, and Diane Williams 
Disposal Location Map
Note Left by the Freeway Phantom
Where Brenda Faye Crocketts body was found
Where Nenomoshia Yates body was found


Youtube: The Freeway Phantom Murders by Merc 

Micheal Whelan; Unresolved Podcast

Cheryl W. Thompson; Special To The Washington Post; “Unsolved murders of six black girls in the ’70s still haunts families, retired detectives”

Sellman V. United States Appeal

Bruce Leshan, WUSA; “Freeway Phantom Murders: DC’s first serial killer was never caught. A new book hopes to change that”

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