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Ep. 6 The Freeway Phantom

In the early 70’s a serial killer was stalking the streets of Washington DC looking for beautiful, young, black girls. What is the community supposed to do when no one with power to help seems to care? In this episode we analyze the six still unsolved murders believed to be the work of one horrible killer. We also look at how the cases could have gone differently if the police had taken these murders more seriously.

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Ep. 5 The Crime that Shocked the Nation

We as humans share one common trait which is the desire to live authentically without judgement. This is a story of a boy who became a man, holding a secret many can relate to. Once Matthew Shepard freed himself to live his truth, his life was violently taken. His murder led to outrage and long over due changes in America. His story is an example of what happens when someone makes the choice that your life is not as valuable as theirs.

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Ep. 4 Unfinished Business

Ghosts, possession, communicating with the dead. The idea of talking with those who are no longer living has fascinated people for decades. In this episode we discuss the brutal murder of Teresita Basa and the unusual way her case was solved. This case gives ghost story a whole new meaning. What if the ghost is the one with a story they wish to tell?…

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Ep.3 Mommy Dearest

This seemingly perfect, all American family is ripped apart in one horrifying night. Are there darker secrets in this family that no one suspected? Is there something or someone we are missing from this story? Or did the stress of suburban life push this Mom to a breaking point and she needed to find a way out?

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Ep.2 Love Thy Neighbor

When two preteen girls go missing on their way to school, this Oregon community is forced to face a terrifying reality. Is there a monster lurking in the shadows? Or could the monster have been hiding in plain sight all this time, disguised as the odd but harmless neighbor on the corner?

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Ep.1 The Illinois Hex Case

Was it jealousy or witchcraft that led a group of friends to attack a sleeping family in the middle of the night late one August? In this week’s episode we explore the motives behind the 2005 murder of Joshua Bennett. Who was the real target? Was someone casting hexes in this small Illinois town? What had they done to invoke the wrath of five people they didn’t know?

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