The Wannabees Ep. 42

The Murder of the Moore Family

The outside world can be a scary place, full of scary people. Most parents want to do everything in their power to protect their children from the dangers of society. What happens when it’s not the outsiders you need to worry about? Maybe the people you should fear the most are actually right down the hall. This is a story of two boys who were willing to betray their family in their determination to outshine their idols.  

April Bevers
David Bevers
To the left Crystal, Daniel, and Christopher| To the Right Michael, Robert, and Autumn
Right to Left, Victoria, Crystal, and Autumn
The Bevers Family Home in Broken Arrow, Ok
16-year-old Michael at the time of his arrest
18 year old Robert at the time of his arrest
Mugshots of Convicted Killers Robert and Michael Bevers
Bevers Family Home Destoyed by Fire
Reflection Park Stands in the site of the Bevers Family Home Lot


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