Villisca Axe Massacre Ep. 43

The Murder of the Moore Family

Long before serial killers and mass murders had become a normal part of life, two adults and 6 children were found brutally murdered in their beds in a small mid-western town. The bloody Villisca Axe Murders have stumped authorities for over a century, despite numerous suspects, two trials, and a confession. To this day ghosts are still reaching out trying to shed light on the truth.

The Moore Family Home
Interior Shot of The Family Home
Josiah Moore, 43; Sarah Moore, 39; Herman Moore, 11; Mary Moore, 10; Arthur Moore, 7; Paul Moore, 5; Ina Stillinger, 8; Lena Stillinger, 12
Suspects Senetor Frank F Jones,William Mansfield,Reverend George Kelly,Henry Lee Moore


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