The Holy See Mystery Ep. 48

The Vatican City is known as the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. In 1981 Pope John Paul II was shot within the Vatican walls and nearly died. This assassination attempt led to panic and was linked to one of the most famous disappearance in the Vatican with growing theories even now, 38 years later.

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Ep. 40 The Predator Next Door

Cannibalism is a thing of the past right? Well we are going to tell you about one man who was determined to turn his cannibalistic fantasies into reality. A grown man was grooming a little girl for the very day he would take her life.

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Ep. 39 Don’t Be Cruel

In the mid 50’s two sisters obsessed with Elvis went missing but the police were convinced they ran away to meet their idol. Their mother knew her daughters would never run off. She felt in her bones that something horrible had happened to her girls but no one would believe her. This case has never been solved and while many have forgotten about these girls, their family is still waiting for justice.

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Bonus Ep. Mother’s Day Mystery

Mothers are superheroes! Mother’s Day is supposed to be a day to show Moms how appreciated they are. But we have a story of how for one family, Mother’s day became something else entirely when their mom disappeared without a trace.

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Ep. 22 The Butcher Baker

Alaska is known for its beautiful scenery of mountains, glaciers, and solitude. Not everything is so peaceful about this snowy state though, over 2,000 people go missing without a trace every year there. In the 1970’s and into the 1980’s a well respected community member took advantage of the remote wilderness to act out his worst desires. In this wild case, join us as the hunter becomes the hunted!

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