Ep. 40 The Predator Next Door

Cannibalism is a thing of the past right? Well we are going to tell you about one man who was determined to turn his cannibalistic fantasies into reality. A grown man was grooming a little girl for the very day he would take her life.

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Ep. 32 Torture House

When you leave your children in the care of someone else, you trust and hope that they will care for them as well as you would. Unfortunately child abuse is a serious concern and comes in many forms. This is a horrific story of loving parents who trusted the wrong person with the care of their children.

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Ep. 31 Kill them with Kindness

The act of paying it forward usually consists of buying the person behind you in line a coffee or giving a few bucks to someone in need. Some people abuse this act of good will as a way to lure vulnerable people into a sinister trap. This is a story about one mother who accepted a helping hand that came with fatal consequences.

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