Ep. 29 Closing Time

High school and after school jobs are meant to be fun. It’s the first real adventure in responsibility most teenagers experience. In this case four intelligent and ambitious young women were robbed of all life had to offer in one night of senseless violence. The poorly handled crime scene made catching the real killers nearly impossible.

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Ep. 24 Hurricane Harvey

You may remember the hurricane that devastated Texas not too long ago in 2017. Hurricane Harvey left people dead, missing, and homeless. As everyone was collecting themselves and focusing on saving lives. One Texan took advantage of this natural disaster to hide his crimes, but little did he know it’s not so easy to wash away your troubles.

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Ep.3 Mommy Dearest

This seemingly perfect, all American family is ripped apart in one horrifying night. Are there darker secrets in this family that no one suspected? Is there something or someone we are missing from this story? Or did the stress of suburban life push this Mom to a breaking point and she needed to find a way out?

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